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Generali Ladies Linz, Linz
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Author:  BlueDragon [ 9. October 2012 18:23 ]
Post subject:  Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Dates: October 6 - 14, 2012 image
Venue: Linz, Austria
Tier: International
Prize Money: $220,000
Surface: Hard/Indoors
Tournament Director: Michael Reichel

Official Website: www.generali-ladies.at

2011 Performance: Quarter-final. Lost to Kvitova 6-2 6-2

1R: [5] Julia Görges (GER) bt Daniela Hantuchova 6-4 7-6(5)

1R: Daniela Hantuchova/Petra Martic bt Alexandra Cadantu/Valerie Savinykh 6-4 6-3
2R: Daniela Hantuchova/Petra Martic bt [4] Vera Dushevina/Alicja Rosolska 5-7 6-1 10-6
SF: [2] Julia Goerges/Barbora Zahlavova Strycova bt Daniela Hantuchova/Petra Martic 6-7(3) 6-3 10-3

Author:  eddy [ 9. October 2012 18:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Goerges d Daniela 64 76(5)

Seriously so sad for Daniela. she played ok but she just can't win a match these days...let alone a tiebreak...Daniela was 5-3 up and had 2 set points in the 2nd set.

And Julia did a f@@@ knows what shot on match point.

Author:  nl2304 [ 9. October 2012 18:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

I posted this in the 'What dos Daniela play next?, before this thread was created.

Doubles: Daniela Hantuchova / Petra Martic beat Alexandra Cadantu / Valeria Savinykh, 6:4 6:3

Singles: Daniela vs. Julia Goerges
*0-1, 0-2*, *1-2, 1-3*, *2-3, 2-4*, *3-4, 3-5*, *4-5, 4-6* :(
*1-0, 2-0*, *3-0, 3-1*, *4-1, 4-2*, *5-2, 5-3*, *5-4, 5-5*, *6-5, 6-6*
tb: ..1-1,1-2*,*2-2,*3-2,4-2*DF,4-3*,*4-4,*4-5,5-5*,5-6*,*5-7
Julia wins, 6-4, 7-6 :(

Author:  eddy [ 9. October 2012 18:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

I think Daniela's something like 6-13 win-loss on tiebreaks this year and has only won one tiebreak since miami 2r...FFS

Shit, I'm really worried now that if Luxembourg goes badly for Daniela then she may not come back next season...i'd like to think that she'd have a farewell year and not suddenly retire out of no-where...

Gotta pray that the Sanchez-Casal team are keeping her spirits up.

It's literally a few adjustments here and there will make all the difference...e.g a few untimely double faults and she did a stupid forehand cut shot that went out when she had an open court deep in the 2nd set tiebreak.

Damn that injury back in April, totally screwed her whole year up. Life's really unfair sometimes..

Author:  Alex Isabel [ 9. October 2012 23:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Patti: For years, every time that I learn that Daniela lost a match, "Ohhhh, Daniela" is exactly what I think to myself!
I'm mortified. I'm exasperated.:wall: (Look what rooting for Daniela does to expand your vocabulary!) That freaking injury indeed. It torpedoed her rank and she's doomed to keep drawing 1st round opponents like this. Dani's effort today probably would have won her 90% of the 1st round matches she's dropped since her return to the one-hit wonders (Hampton, U. Radwanska, Wozniak, etc.). Clearly, she's so darned close to being relevant again, but when will she have a result that shows it and would jump start her confidence? Eddy, I don't think we're going to see a shock retirement announcement, at least in the near future. While, as we have discussed, she's incommunicado as usual (last FB post was 8/30), I don't yet see a loss of her fighting spirit, and outside of the results, Daniela still seems to be enjoying life on the WTA tour quite a bit, judging by the pictures of the player parties and the outfits. Hopefully, we still have a couple of more years to cheer her on.
My wife's finally coming home on Thursday. Thanks to all of you who expressed your concerns and who prayed for her. :)

Author:  Benji [ 10. October 2012 00:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Great news about your wife Alex. :beer:

Jules FH and first serve was a little too much for Daniela today. The worrying thing is that she's reverted to making terrible errors at the most crucial moments-you knew she wasn't going to win after that terrible FH slice shot.

Author:  Helio [ 10. October 2012 07:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Daniela is lacking form and confidence, she needs the time on court, but the draws have not been merciful (they rarely are with her). Hope she can really work herself into form.

edit: I dreamt last night that Daniela had just announced her retirement! I woke up a bit distressed until I realised it was not true.

Author:  chungwit [ 10. October 2012 16:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Doubles 2nd round:

3-2, Daniela holds and serves an ace.
4-2, Daniela & Martic break to 30.
4-3, Martic broken to 30, served a DF.
5-4, Daniela holds to 15.
5-5, Dushevina/Rosolska hold to 15.
5-6, Martic broken to 30.

2nd set:

1-0, Daniela & Martic hold to 30.
2-0, Daniela & Martic break.
3-0, Daniela & Martic hold to 40.
4-0, Rosolska DFs to get broken to 15.
5-0, Daniela & Martic hold to 15.
5-1, Dushevina/Rosolska hold to 15.
6-1, Martic serves out to 15.

SuperTiebreak,* = Daniela & Martic serving:

Author:  Benji [ 10. October 2012 17:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Good win. Petra M is a very stylish player-I hope she and Daniela stick together for a while.

Author:  Alex Isabel [ 11. October 2012 20:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Welcome back, Chungwit! It's so nice to have you back where you belong! :)
So yesterday I get onto the WTA score box at 3-2 Daniela/Petra in the 1st. They had unworldly stats (12-14 service points, 2 aces, 92% 1st serves in), than they achieved a break for 4-2. Before I could complete the thought of has Daniela found the right doubles partner, it's 4 all, 5 all, 5-7. :cry: Like all of us never-say-die Daniela Maniacs would, I uttered (Bleep!), same old same old, and went on my way. Like all of us dyed-in-the-wool Dani fans would, within 15 minutes I was dialing up LiveScoreHunter on my cell while driving, fully expecting a 3-love 2nd set score. And it was, but the team that had it was not expected! I said to myself "Don't DO THIS to me, Daniela!", then tried to come up with something to help her. It happened to be 12:01 PM in upstate New York. Soon it hit me: Knowing that her next doubles championship will be her 10th, check the score whenever the time has a 1 and a 0 in it. 5-love....hey, this might work...6-1!....c'mon, Daniela (& Petra)....10-6!!!!! Put it in the books! Superb win. Is it the start of something big? Fingers crossed, particularly since Dani has to deal with Georges twice in 3 days. Hey, why not?!
BTW: This is the furthest Dani has gone in doubles since Melbourne.

Author:  chungwit [ 12. October 2012 16:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Goerges beat Arvidsson so she's in the semi-final and she's been playing well this week. It seems that there have been so many time that Daniela's drawn against a player that's a tough match-up for her or who has a great tournament that week. There have been so many times Daniela had gotten past the first round the tournament would have opened up for her and she could have had a good run.

The manner of the loss to Goerges was so similar to so many of Daniela's losses this year as she lost a close first set and then lost the match in a tiebreak like against Czink, Hampton, Wozniak & Pavlyuchenkova and she also lost a 3rd set tiebreak to Halep in Doha and lost a TB to Wozniacki in Tokyo this year. How much better would this season have been if Daniela had won a few more tiebreaks? I feel that if she'd been able to win a few of these tiebreaks she have had a great chance of winning the match. A statement of the obvious but it shows how crucial winning the first set it and how important tiebreaks are and Daniela's struggled in these this year.

Author:  chungwit [ 12. October 2012 21:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Order of Play Saturday, October 13, 2012

Centre Court (from 14.00hrs)
1. Julia Goerges vs. Kirsten Flipkens
2. Victoria Azarenka vs. Irina-Camelia Begu
3. Hantuchova/Martic vs. Goerges/Zahlavova Strycova (after suitable rest)

Author:  chungwit [ 13. October 2012 16:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz


0-1, Goerges/ZS hold to 30.
1-1, Daniela & Martic hold to 30.
1-2, Goerges/ZS hold to 30.
2-2, Daniela & Martic hold to 30.
2-3, Goerges holds to 15, wins game with an ace.
3-3, Daniela & Martic hold to 15.
3-4, ZS holds to 40, saving a BP at deuce.
4-4, Daniela & Martic hold from 15-40.
5-4, Daniela & Martic break to 30.
5-5, Daniela & Martic broken to 40, saved a BP at 30-40 but can't take the set point.
5-6, ZS holds from 0-30.
6-6, Daniela & Martic hold to 15.

Tiebreak, *= Daniela & Martic serving
First set 7-6.

2nd set:
0-1, Martic broken to 0, served a DF.
0-2, Goerges/ZS hold to 0, all on 2nd serve.
0-3, Daniela broken to 30.
0-4, ZS holds to 15, wins game with an ace.
1-4, Martic holds to 15, serves an ace.
2-4, Goerges broken to 30.
3-4, Daniela holds to 30.
3-5, ZS holds to 15, serves another ace on GP.
3-6, Martic broken to 30.

Super Tiebreak, *=Daniela & Martic serving:
1-9* comeback start here

Goerges has really fucked up Daniela's week here.

Author:  Benji [ 13. October 2012 18:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Generali Ladies Linz, Linz

Julia is turning into a bete-noire for Daniela. Hate it when two of my faves play against each other. :cry:

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