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General stuff on other players.
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Author:  krima [ 23. July 2008 18:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: General stuff on other players.

Ivanovic shows a lot of herself aswell these days , first the half naked pics in FHM ...

But these are really great pics IMO.

Author:  Mathius [ 23. July 2008 22:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: General stuff on other players.

Ahh Kallur we are trying to change the subject :lol: There is also Sharapova..... Ooops :oops: I said Sharapova :lol: I guess the Playboy is good for the sport i think :roll:

Author:  chungwit [ 31. July 2008 23:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: General stuff on other players.

Our woman Ashley speaks:

We'll turn to Playboy now. What happened with the offer? How did you decide to pose?

My boyfriend and my agents negotiated the deal for me. It's something entirely different than playing tennis, and I enjoy being in front of a camera. It's just a different avenue and I wanted to see where it could take me, so I accepted it.

What do you think are the advantages of it?

I'm not sure yet. I'm just going to have to see where it can take me. I really do enjoy being in front of a camera, though, so I'd like to do more photo shoots and the like.

You're from Georgia. What are people back there saying about this?

You know the South—it's the Bible Belt. People were definitely a little shocked, but the reaction has been positive overall. That's good for me, because I didn't want to deal with disappointing anyone (laughs).

What about the girls on the tour?

I think they understand what I was doing; I haven't heard any negative feedback from them.

You've talked about enjoying being in front of the camera. How was the shoot itself?

I'm not a very modest person, so I was really feeling it. I was having a good time and trying to feel sexy in my own body; I think it worked. The pictures and the layout came out very classy. Playboy is a very classy operation all around. It was important to me, because I'm representing an athlete and her body, so I wanted it to come out showcasing that.

Gotta ask: if you saw your boyfriend with a Playboy, would that annoy you? They have tremendous articles, you know.

He doesn't read it. If he did, though, I wouldn't be bothered by it. I don't tend to get jealous in that way. If you need to have fun, go have fun, you know? (laughs)

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Author:  Jean Raj [ 2. January 2013 22:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: General stuff on other players.

This is an interesting article where Mathilde Johansson explains some harsh realities in tennis, for those who are not in the top rankings:
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The point of view of Mathilde Johansson (world N°88) - Rather ant than grasshopper

Mathilde Johansson: "The money goes to the best players"

At 27, the French Mathilde Johansson won a million dollars in twelve-year career, but she is "very, very far from being a millionaire," as she explains to illustrate the economic realities of a world #88 in women's circuit.

- So far you have won 1,036,193 dollars (€ 795,000) in your career. Congratulations, you are a millionaire ...

- Thanks, but I'm very, very far from being a millionaire. This amount is gross, it is not what I received. You must remove the taxes, fees and charges. With what I have, I can not even buy me an apartment while I have been in the french top five in recent years.

"Certain years I play just to equilibrate my own expenses"

- What does remain, for example in 2012 when you won € 185,000 ?

- I pay € 150 000 per year between coaches and travel and must still remove € 50,000 tax and VAT. The French Federation and the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis department helped me up respectively with € 30 000 and € 13 000. And I got about 10 000 € from my rackets supplier, plus some bonuses based on results.

- No other sponsor, for clothing, for example ?

- No. they offer me virtually nothing. I better wear what I like, I play with my own dresses.

- What remains then in the end ?

- 50 000 euros, may be less. And this is one of my best years. It's not with such saving I will be able to live after my career ends, in four years.

I can put some money aside. But not much. Certain years, I play just to equilibrate my own expenses.

- Do you find it normal for a girl who plays tennis so well ?

- I am willing to earn more money, I'm waiting for sponsors ! In the other hand, my life is not a hassle. I still have what I want and a normal lifestyle. I do not care what I spend for food. In France we have the chance to have aids.

The player who was in the final in Bercy (the Polish Janowicz), his parents had to sell their home. But the more I approach the end of my career, I see that I have not put money aside.

- But there is a lot of money in tennis ...

- Yes, but everything goes to the best players. The top five is all that interest sponsors. The rest of players just fill the draws. This is another world, and we are spectators.

- It's a pretty brutal reality, isn't ?

- Oh yes it is very brutal. People think we're all rich because we appear on TV. If you're not in the top 100 and you do not have money, it is actually very complicated. We have to save on everything, we travel alone, we do not use a coach and even with that we do not make any money. After that, it depends on what you think is supportable...

Author:  Alex Isabel [ 21. February 2013 22:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: General stuff on other players.

You guys see that former top 40 Rebecca Marino of Canada retired from the tour? She gave some fluff reasons on the WTA website, but in other stories, she revealed that she quit because she couldn't take the negative and sometimes abusive comments received on her Facebook page and on Twitter. My goodness. The Administrators here do a great job of keeping that crap out of the Forum. Keep it up, guys. Daniela has taken more than her share of that from so many other sources.

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